Perforated Galvalume Shutter

Perforated Galvalume Colour-Coated Steel Rol-A-Dors





The features that set our products apart provides our customers with peace of mind and a hassle-free experience.

Light-weight Shutters for Ease of Use: Our 0.45mm thick Rol-A-Dors are 3 times lighter than conventional rolling shutters which makes them easier to operate.

Low Maintenance Nylon Components for Durability: We use nylon gears and bearings in the drive unit and anti-friction nylon PolyGlide rope inside guide rails instead of oil or grease. This provides the smoothest, noiseless operation and lasts 6-10 years longer than grease-operated shutters.

Optimised Spring Calibration for Load-free Operation: Our springs are designed using specialised software that recommends the optimum spring combination based on weight of door to achieve next to zero torque. This ensures that the load is fully taken onto the springs and none on the door operator.

Efficient Motor for Smooth Operation: The Orbital Drive Unit is hidden within the drum of the shutter and invisible from the outside. It is highly efficient and operates the door seamlessly and silently.

In-built Safety Mechanisms: All shutters come with 3 foolproof features to ensure safety:
– Safety Reversing: Ensures the doors roll back up in the event of an obstruction during the downward movement of the door.
– In-built Stabilisers: The wall-mounted control box comes with a stabiliser to mitigate the effects of power fluctuations
– Manual Override: In the event of a power failure, the manual override allows you to operate the door manually.

Choice of Manual or Automatic: All our shutters can be configured as Manual or Automatic according to your needs.

Self Covering Hoods: Unlike conventional shutters, our products come with in-built hood covers for a neater appearance. If required, we also provide side covers to conceal the motor and shutter assembly.