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Convert any existing manual roller door to automatic with our proprietary remote control unit. It is the most economical and reliable solution that can be used on any brand.

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IndoGerma was founded by Subhash Agarwal in 1993, in collaboration with Australian garage door manufacturer, Gliderol. Our company was a pioneer in bringing new Rol-a-dor technology to India. The revolutionary automatic lightweight Galvalume Colour Bond Steel Door was one of the first products introduced.


From our high quality materials, state-of-the-art technology and customisable offerings, our range of reliable products are designed to last long, be easy to use and set our customers’ minds at ease. No matter what your requirements are, we’ll make sure you get the perfect product to meet your needs.

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Expert Mechanics

Our team has over three decades of expertise in the industry. We use state-of-the-art technology, components of the highest quality and the best manufacturing practices for our products.

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All our products are developed and manufactured locally, which ensures you get the best quality products at the best prices.

Trusted by 5000 Clients

Our stringent standards of quality, customisable products and reliable service team makes sure our customers are always satisfied.

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We aim to meet all our client needs and provide realistic and reliable timelines for the manufacture, delivery and assembly of all our products.

Our Range of Products


We specialize in providing easy-to-operate, light-weight and rust-free shutters that are suited for a wide range of applications.


IndoGerma has a wide range of electro-mechanical steel gates that are suited for a variety of applications.

Retail Experience Store

Unsure which shutter to go with? Pay us a visit at IndoGerma’s first-ever retail experience store at BuildHQ Chennai. Talk to our experiences salespersons and understand the advantages of our superior components and easy-to-use products first-hand!

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Clients Testimonials

IndoGerma shutters are both aesthetic and provide the security we need. They are customisable to seamlessly fit the spaces we create.

Studio Reve

The shutter is working very well with no problems at all. Even though it was a very rough start when it came to the important thing everyone did their part in getting it done and we are very happy in the end.


The best part about installing IndoGerma shutters is the peace of mind that comes with it. High quality products that you don’t need to think about again.


Tried, tested and trusted. When it comes to shutters, IndoGerma is the name to rely on


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